By reading our guide, you’ll learn about:

  • Designing and building custom AdTech/MarTech platforms from scratch: Learn how to build new software from the ground up, select the right tech stack for the project, and uncover the benefits of this approach.
  • Building new AdTech and MarTech platforms on top of existing platforms: Discover how to speed up development time by utilizing open platforms (e.g. Beeswax, BidSwitch, and AppNexus) and building new solutions with APIs.
  • Expanding existing platforms with custom integrations: Find out how to access more data and inventory via protocols and libraries, such as OpenRTB and Prebid.js.
  • The development process: Discover how an agile and incremental approach to software development can produce the first working version of an AdTech or MarTech platform within just 4 months.
  • The development team: Educate yourself about the various options you have available when it comes to selecting the development team, from in-house developers and body-leasing companies through to specialized development partners, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
  • Case study: Kanary Nest demand-side platform (DSP): See an example of a DSP development project in action.

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