Behavioral advertising platform development services for AdTech vendors and agencies

Whether you want to build a behavioral targeting platform from scratch or add behavioral targeting functionality to your existing technology, our full-service AdTech/MarTech development teams can help

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Building a behavioral advertising platform can provide you with a range of business advantages

Here’s how your company can benefit from building a custom targeting/advertising platform:

  • Eliminate fees and commissions – The fees associated with renting a white-labeled AdTech platform are often quite high, plus there’s limited transparency into commissions paid to other platforms. Developing your own, custom AdTech platform for behavioral targeting allows to eliminate these fees and commissions, and gain more transparency into the media-buying process.
  • Limit your exposure to the GDPR – Because behavioral advertising uses personal data, not every off-the-shelf solution is suited to full GDPR compliance. Building your own platform is a way to ensure all GDPR obligations are met.
  • Full control over the platform – Building your own behavioral advertising platform gives full control over the technology (including source code and intellectual property), data, and feature roadmap.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems in the company – Gain more accurate insights about your customers and show them better targeted messages accordingly.

About Clearcode

  • We are not a generic software development company. We are domain experts passionate about technology and completely dedicated to building software for today’s ever challenging advertising and marketing industries.
  • Our full-service development teams offer all the required resources needed to plan, build, and maintain high-performance advertising and marketing technology.
  • We provide full-service software development services – from UX/UI design, to frontend and backend development, through to infrastructure management.
  • With offices in both Europe and the U.S., we design, develop and maintain AdTech/MarTech applications and platforms for agencies and medium- to large-sized companies.

What makes us qualified to help you design and build your behavioral targeting platform?

9+ years of AdTech and MarTech development experience

We’ve been designing and building software for companies operating in the online advertising and marketing industries since 2009. With vast knowledge of the AdTech & MarTech ecosystems from both the technical and business perspectives, we launch and sell products that meet the needs of advertising and marketing companies.

I was extremely impressed with Clearcode’s ability to work in unison with us, it really felt like they were part of our team. Our cooperation was seamless and the time zone differences didn’t disrupt the flow of development.

Clarivoy logo Steve White, Clarivoy CEO

Clearcode impresses me with their technical knowledge and responsiveness on a daily basis. I couldn’t ask for a better engineering partner.

Rejoiner logo Mike Arsenault, Co-founder Rejoiner

We built the advertising platform Kanary NEST

We created our own advertising platform – Kanary NEST. The AdTech startup was later acquired by Gravity4. Kanary Nest is a tool for data-driven marketers, delivering the right messages to the right people, at the right time throughout the entire sales funnel.

Our teams are responsible for building and maintaining Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is a leading privacy-compliant marketing suite providing all the necessary features for high-security environments and ensuring compliance with international privacy laws like GDPR and HIPAA.

With both cloud and on-premises hosting, Piwik PRO is currently used by data-sensitive industries and institutions worldwide, allowing companies to track the customer journey across desktop, mobile and secure member areas.

Full-service AdTech/MarTech development teams

We are not a generic software development company — our teams are passionate about designing and building software for today’s challenging advertising and marketing industries.

Our AdTech/MarTech development teams spend over 15,000+ hours a month designing, building, and maintaining AdTech and MarTech platforms. We’ve built over 100 successful projects for clients of all sizes.

Since day 1 they have impressed me with the quality and speed of their work.

Addshoppers logo Jon West, CEO, Founder Add Shoppers LLC

Our projects have appeared in a number of media portals:

Tech-crunch logo Forbes logo Entrepreneur logo Marshable logo Adweek logo

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