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We are a Big Data Software Development Company based in the European Union with offices in the USA. Whether you’re a startup or corporation, our full-service team can help you build, launch, and grow your big data analytics platform.

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Our Big Data Development Services

Let our team of experienced software developers build your next big data platform. We’ve built 100+ projects and our clients have raised over $42m in funding.

If your project involves data, and lots of it, we want to help you build it.

Our team can help you build a big data analytics platform for the following industries:

  • Ecommerce.
  • Retail.
  • Healthcare.
  • Government.
  • Banking.
  • And many more!

Why choose us to build your Big Data Platform?

  • Clearcode has provided custom development services to clients of Piwik – the leading open-source web analytics platform.
  • We’ve launched our own analytics startup, Piwik PRO, which provides enterprise-level services and cloud-hosting solutions to Piwik users.
  • 6 out 10 of our projects are analytics-based – we have the technical know-how and experience needed to design and build visually impressive and robust big data analytics platforms and apps.
  • We’ve developed 100+ successful projects for startups and large companies.
  • The companies we’ve worked with have raised over $42m in funding & investment rounds
  • More than 60% of our new business comes from client referrals

Here’s why we are the right development team for your project

Our Full-Service Big Data Development Team

A lot of startups and companies make the mistake of using different companies to design and build their big data platform. This creates a lot of risk and prolongs the whole process. Our team of designers, developers, project managers, and sysadmins can take your big data project from the concept stage to the launch stage – and beyond.

I was extremely impressed with Clearcode’s ability to work in unison with us, it really felt like they were part of our team. Our cooperation was seamless and the time zone differences didn’t disrupt the flow of development.

Clarivoy logo Steve White, Clarivoy CEO

Clearcode impresses me with their technical knowledge and responsiveness on a daily basis. I couldn’t ask for a better engineering partner.

Rejoiner logo Mike Arsenault, Co-founder Rejoiner

Our Experience with Building Big Data and Analytics Platforms

Building a successful and quality big data platform requires more than just excellent technical knowledge and skills; it requires years of experience. We’ve been building big data and analytics platforms since the very beginning and have founded our own analytics company – Piwik PRO. Your big data platform will be built by a team who has industry experience and insights.

Our Agile Development and Testing Process

Agile is a common word used in software development and means different things to different people. To us, it means building your big data platform with high-quality code, releasing working pieces of your platform sooner, and constantly testing it to ensure it’s released with a few bugs as possible.

We’re a Technology Partner, Not a Software Development Vendor

What’s the difference between working with us and the next software development company? Well, we’ll treat your project as if it were our own, provide complete transparency at every step of the way, and join you in your quest for success. This will not only result in a successful project, but a successful long-term relationship that’s based on trust.

We chose Clearcode as a partner because of their expertise in developing AdTech solutions

Klarna logo Luke Tuttle, VP International Product, Klarna

Our projects have appeared in a number of media portals:

Tech-crunch logo Forbes logo Entrepreneur logo Marshable logo Adweek logo

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