Custom AdTech & MarTech Development To Help You Comply with the GDPR

Work with our team of privacy-focused AdTech and MarTech developers to design and build custom software that complies with the GDPR and other privacy laws, respects user privacy, and creates a future-proof business.

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How can our development services help you comply with the GDPR?

Our privacy-focused AdTech, MarTech, and analytics development teams can help you avoid the costly fines associated with non-compliance by designing and developing new software, features, and technologies.

Below are some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Acquiring user consent: From May 25, 2018, companies will have to get direct and voluntary consent from EU and EEA citizens to use their data for advertising and marketing activities and analysis. Our development teams can help you develop new features and tools that collect and manage user consent decisions so you or your clients can utilize personal data for hyper-personalized campaigns
  • Managing user rights: As part of the GDPR, users will be provided with a number of rights, including the right to access their data, export it in a portable format, and erase it. We can help you design and develop a portal whereby consumers can exercise their many rights by accessing their data and managing their opt-in and opt-out requests. Our teams can also build a portal that will allow companies to manage these requests and view the history, timeline, and statistics of these requests.
  • Handling data leaks: The GDPR states that companies will have 72 hours to inform clients and users about a data breach. However, if your user data is located in third-party systems, then informing users about the leak will be extremely challenging. By building custom AdTech, MarTech, and analytics platforms and hosting them on your own infrastructure, you will be in control of the data you collect, allowing you to inform users about the leak within the required timeframe.
  • Updating your existing platforms: We can help you update your existing platforms and tools so they align with your new policies and business agreements.

Our AdTech & MarTech development experience

  • We have 9+ years of experience in designing and building advertising technology.
  • We founded Piwik PRO – an on-premises and cloud marketing suite that complies with the GDPR, HIPPA, and other privacy laws.
  • Our in-house teams spend over 15,000 hours each month designing and building AdTech & MarTech platforms for our clients.
  • We’ve developed over 100 successful projects for clients of all sizes.

What makes us qualified to help you design and build GPDR-compliant AdTech and MarTech platforms?

We built a privacy-compliant marketing suite

We are the founders of Piwik PRO, an on-premises and cloud-based marketing suite that provides large companies and governments with GDPR- and HIPPA-compliant tools, including a web analytics platform, tag management system, customer data platform, and content personalization engine. To ensure we are always complying with various regional and international privacy laws, our teams stay up to date with the latest privacy news and our policies are overseen by our in-house Data Protection Officer (DPO).

I was extremely impressed with Clearcode’s ability to work in unison with us, it really felt like they were part of our team. Our cooperation was seamless and the time zone differences didn’t disrupt the flow of development.

Clarivoy logo Steve White, Clarivoy CEO

Clearcode impresses me with their technical knowledge and responsiveness on a daily basis. I couldn’t ask for a better engineering partner.

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We are based in the EU

Even though we have offices in the US, our main offices are located in the Poland. Being a EU-based company means we have a strong understanding of how the GDPR and ePrivacy regulation will impact companies operating both directly and indirectly in the EU. This insight, combined with our experience, allows us to provide clients with sound advice on how to properly comply with the GDPR and develop software that protects and respects user privacy.

We’ve been focused on privacy since the beginning

As a company, we’ve been focused on designing and building advertising, marketing, and analytics platforms that deliver value to clients and help protect users’ privacy since we began in 2009. Evidence of this includes the many articles we’ve written about user privacy and data ownership, the clients we’ve worked with to help them become more privacy friendly, and our internal products.

About Clearcode

We are a full-service software development company specializing in AdTech, MarTech, and data analytics development.

With offices in the EU and US, our teams partner with startups and publicly traded companies to design, build, and maintain high-performance platforms that meet the demanding and ever-changing needs of advertisers and marketers and solve various technological challenges.

We chose Clearcode as a partner because of their expertise in developing AdTech solutions

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Our projects have appeared in a number of media portals:

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