Build a Custom RTB Bidder

Whether you want to take control of your media-buying activities or expand your client offering, our AdTech development team can help you design, build, and maintain a custom real-time bidding (RTB) bidder

What’s involved in building a custom RTB bidder?


Why build your own bidder when you can use an out-of-the box solution?

Building your own custom RTB bidder gives you the following advantages:

  • Reduce fees and commissions paid to white-labelled bidders
  • Expand your client offering
  • Gain control of the data
  • Customize the technology to suit your needs by adding your own algorithms and features
  • Get clearer insights into campaign performance

Our AdTech platform development experience

  • Our experienced designers and developers have been building advertising and marketing technology since 2009 .
  • We’ve launched our own AdTech startup – Kanary NEST (a demand-side platform), which was later acquired by Gravity4.
  • We founded Piwik PRO – a privacy-focused on-premises and cloud marketing suite used by governments and companies operating in the financial, healthcare, and retail & ecommerce sectors.
  • We built 7suite (now part of Piwik PRO) — a MarTech stack consisting of a tag manager, data management platform (DMP), and an ad personalization & remarketing platform.
  • Our in-house teams spend over 15,000 hours each month designing and building AdTech & MarTech platforms for our clients.
  • We’ve developed over 100 successful projects for clients of all sizes.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

A lack of experienced and knowledgeable developers?

Building an RTB bidder requires years of experience in AdTech development and many companies find that their in-house development teams don’t have the skills or knowledge needed to build a custom bidder.

We chose Clearcode as a partner because of their expertise in developing AdTech solutions.

Klarna logo Luke Tuttle
VP International Product at Klarna

I had a wonderful experience working with Clearcode on several projects. The Clearcode team is extremely professional and deliverables were always received both on time and on budget which I greatly appreciated.

SpotX logo Allen Klosowski
SVP Advanced Solutions Group

No available development resources

Another problem a lot of tech companies face is having the right amount of development resources. Even if you have an experienced development team, they may simply not have the time to start a new project.

A poorly built RTB bidder

Maybe you don’t need to build a custom bidder from scratch, but just need to improve the performance or expand the features and supply sources of your existing one.

How Clearcode can help

Most of the companies that we partner with experience the same problems listed above.

We’re able to help them by providing an experience and knowledge team of AdTech engineers who understand the technical and business requirements of building a custom bidder.

Since 2009, we’ve partnered with tech companies to design, build, and maintain custom advertising and marketing technology, including many DSPs and bidders.

We aim to release the first working version of the bidder in the shortest amount of time. We achieve this by using our prebuilt components and proofs of concepts.

Clearcode’s knowledge of the complex inner workings of AdTech & MarTech is second to none.

ISOSKELE logo Stéphan Montigaud
Deputy CEO, Head of Operations at ISOSKELE

Our projects have appeared in a number of media portals:

What’s involved in building a custom RTB bidder?